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Status- Cashless (24 hrs. hospitalization is mandatory)

Facility –Inpatient

Applicability – Members of ASIAN TRAVEL AND MEDICAL SERVICES (Foreign Nationals)

Authorized signatory – A referral letter duly signed by the authorized signatory of ASIAN TRAVEL AND MEDICAL SERVICES or member card.

Payment Terms – Bills submission within 30 days from the receipt of the bill.

A deposit of Rs. 5000/- is required to be paid at the time of admission towards deductions, if any, at the time of bill settlement by the TPA. The deposit will be refundable once the payment is received by the hospital after deducting the expenses not sanctioned/remitted by the TPA.

Planned Hospitalization:
The patient needs to submit the pre authorization form with entitled class of accommodation & duly filled by the consultant to process for approval before admission, TPA/Insurance co-ordinator will assist you for the same. Insurance ID card and photo identity proof need to submit along with pre authorization form.

Emergency Hospitalization:
In case of emergency, cashless admission can be granted on producing valid identity card / policy copy. Patient / patient’s relative should inform to the insurance department within 8 hours.
Assistance to initiate procedure for availing cashless facility is provided by the corporate/TPA assistance during working days.