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A dedicated team of anaesthesiologists, well trained to handle any kind of anaesthetic emergency and clinical emergency are at the disposal all 24 hour.

The hospital is endowed with five State of The Art Operation Theatres with clean air by HEPA filter, laminar flow method, central gas supply and air conditioning.
The department of Anaesthesiology and critical care works a service rendering comprehensive care to any surgical patient during this critical and traumatic phase of his/her life.
Operation Theatres:
The hospitals four dedicated state of the Art operation Theatres includes
1) Cardio Thoracic operation Theatre with Heart Lung IABP, integrated patient aesthetic cum monitoring system with slave monitoring systems.
2) Ortho and Neuro –surgeries operation theatre with complete instrumentation for joint replacement, arthroscopic surgical intervention including shoulder surgeries.
3) General operation Theatre with facilities for Laparoscopic surgeries.
4) Gynaecology operation Theatre for all routine Gynaecological and Obstetrical works including high- risk pregnancies.
The hospital has four operation theatres with sophisticated upto date State of Art equipments of international standard. For maximum safety of patients operation theatres are provided with
• Central Gas pipe line
• Fixed ceiling pendents
• Anesthesia machines with Hypoxic safety guards.
• Invasive and Non-invasive vital function monitors (Hewlet Packward)
• Ventilator
• Post operative Ward

Doctor’s Name Qualification Timings
Dr. Deepak Kuvelkar MBBS, DA Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Dr. Alister Fernandes MBBS.MD, I.D.C.C.M Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm