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- Sir William Osler.

Introduction: A reliable and accurate test report makes great difference to the diagnosis and treatment. In a state with innumerable diagnostic centers, we have made quality our top differentiator.
SMRC laboratory has made its commitment to quality very basic, tangible and measurable. Customer satisfaction is one of the parameters by which we judge our efforts in this direction. At SMRC we ensure the best technical competence and quality standards implemented in the laboratory.

Quality Policy
At V M Salgaocar’s Hospital laboratory, we strive towards a goal of customer satisfaction by providing cost effective services with, quality, speed, accuracy, safety, integrity and courtesy. Our aim is to provide services in compliance with ISO 15189:2012 and adhering to National and International Standards applicable to Clinical Testing Laboratory and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Quality Objectives
• Maintaining high standards of practice through sound judgment in establishing, performing and evaluating laboratory tests
• Continuous monitoring of positive and negative feedback received from the customer. Customer satisfaction is ensured by providing customized, cost-effective, accurate and timely diagnostic services
• Creating awareness among staff, through training and implementation of defined quality system procedures
• Continuous improvement of laboratory performance by monitoring proficiency testing results, training and upgradation of skills through CME programmes, audits, Internal Quality Control and EQAS review.
• Implementing a quality system in compliance with ISO 15189:2012.

Our commitment to excellence is defined by:
• Accuracy and ethical practices with focus on assurance of quality contributing to diagnostic services.
• Well equipped department providing 24 x 7 services with trained experienced staff with fully automated analysers including – cell counter, Vidas ELFA, blood gas analyser and high speed biochemistry analysers.
• Referral centre for high-end tests with home collection services and shortest TAT
• Full time Consultant Doctors available for reporting, approval of results and to discuss cases with referring doctors.
• Daily Internal quality control carried out, plotted on L J charts and interpreted.
• External Quality control (EQAS) performed every month and inter-laboratory comparison with NABL accredited laboratories to evaluate performance.
• LIS with fully computerised reporting.
Facilities: Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Cytology, Microbiology & Serology.




• State -of- the-art histopathology with automated tissue processing
• Fluid cytology, FNAC & Pap smears.
• Guided biopsies and FNAC.




• Auto analyzer for routine & special chemistry.
• Hormone & tumour marker detection by ELFA.
• Biomarkers- include all cardiac biomarkers and biomarkers for infection and sepsis (procalcitonin).
• Test panels including cardiac risk panel, cardiac emergency panel, kidney panel and NGAL.



Haematology and clinical pathology

• Complete blood cell count and peripheral smear evaluation
• Coagulation assays
• Bone marrow studies
• Evaluation of anaemia and other blood disorders
• Drugs of abuse screening
• Routine clinical pathology


Doctor’s Name Qualification Timings
Dr. Eugene D’souza MD Pathology Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm



• Includes Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Serology
• Automated aerobic Bactec blood culture systems.
• Wide array of specimens cultured by aerobic cultures.
• Latest drugs tested on the antibiogram panel.
• Wide range of serological tests
• Fungal screening by smear and culture methods.
• Monitoring of OT sterility
• Surveillance cultures for high-risk areas


Doctor’s Name Qualification Timings
Dr. Poonam Madkaiker MD Microbiology Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm