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Patient Guidelines & FAQ’s


Q. How do I register as a patient at SMRC Hospital?

You can register yourself directly at the billing counter.

Q. Is cashless facility for insurance patients available?

Yes; please click here  (TPA link)

Q. Where should I complain in case of any grievance?

Complaint Box is providedin OPD and IPD area or written complaint can be submitted to customer care department.

Q. What are the modalities of payment that are accepted?

Payment is accepted through Cash/Credit Cards/Debit cards/D.D./E.C.S.

  • We accept all types of Credit & Debit cards
  • Demand Draft to be made in favour of “Salgaocar Medical Research centre.” Payable at Chicalim, Goa.
  • We do not accept Personal Cheques
  1. Do you provide ambulance services?Yes. 24X7 OPD (Outpatients)Q. How do I get registered myself for OPD services?Call our Board Line at 0832-6691919 and ask for the details about the doctors, timings and appointments.

 Q. What are the OPD timings?

9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Q. How do I get an appointment for consultation or health check up?

Please call direct line 0832 – 6691919

Q. Do I need to make a request for an appointment?

Yes. It is always better to come with the prior appointment to avoid any inconvenience.

Q. Are there any registration fees? What are the consultation charges of the doctors?

The registration charge is Rupees 50/-. The consultation fees vary according to the specialty doctors.

Q. What are the follow-up charges?

Follow-up charges are according to the specialty.

  • What is PATIENT REGISTRATION NUMBER (PRN NO.)?PRN No. Is a unique registration Number. It will be for lifetime of the individual. PRN no. is necessary for every appointment and service utilisation.Q. If I want to consult the doctor on the basis of reports without the physical presence of the patient, do I need to pay the charges?We recommend the presence of patient all the time as we can provide you the accurate diagnosis and further treatment plan on physical evaluation only. But in exceptional cases, when the patient is away or not ambulatory, you can get a preliminary opinion and advice. Consultation fees will be charged as per the norms.

Admitted (In-patients)

Q. What are pre-admission policies?

Q. What are everyday OPD timings?

    • Our Billing clerk would be pleased to assist you with information about bed categories and tariff structures, which will help you make an informed choice of the Bed category.
    • What should I remember during the time of admission?
    • If possible, the patient should be accompanied by relatives for quicker admission.
    • Ensure that you follow all the instructions given by your consultant.
    • Carry all your previous medical reports and the list of your prescribed medication.
    • Carry the required deposit amount (Insurance patient also).
    • What are admission policies?
    • Admission to the chosen bed category would be subject to availability of the bed at the time of admission.
    • Visit charges, procedure / surgery charges, investigation charges and all the packages would vary as per the Bed category.
    • For any up-gradation after the procedure, charges would be as per the upgraded category with retrospective effect.
    • Patient’s shifting from ICU to ward or shifting from Ward to ICU, would entirely be subject to patient’s medical condition and fitness for transfer-in/ transfer-out, which is to be certified by the Admitting Consultant and Intensivist.
    • Admission deposit amount would vary as per the Bed category, which is to be paid at the time of admission only.
    • Interim bill is given to every patient on daily basis. At any point of time, ICU, deluxe, private, semi private ward patient should have Rs. 10,000 and general ward patient should have Rs. 5,000, deposited with the Hospital, in addition to the billed amount till then.
    • Mode of Payment: Only by Cash / Credit / Debit Cards and Demand Drafts to be drawn in favour of ‘Salgaocar Medical Research Centre’ Payable at Chicalim, Goa.
    • If the admission is for a planned surgery / procedure, entire amount of surgery / procedure charges are required to be deposited at the time of admission, in addition to the Admission Deposit amount for the chosen bed category.
    • For knowing the tentative expenditure during your hospitalization, kindly contact the billing department. However, we would request you to give them a minimum of half an hour to process the information and give you the estimate.
    • Please understand that, Estimate is not the actual amount of expenses; it helps only to get a tentative idea of expenses required for the procedure / surgery in an average condition. Actual expenses would vary as per the medical condition of the patient, medicines, consumables, stay required, and investigations recommended etc. Payment of the bill is required to be made as per the actual.
    • We have a 24 hours Pharmacy with all required medicines. During the hospitalization, it is required to purchase all the drugs / medicines/ Consumables from in-house Pharmacy only. Outside medicines / drugs and consumables are allowed only in case of unavailability with inhouse pharmacy. Post discharge medication is not included in cashless facility of insurance patient; patient has to pay for the same.

OPD starts at 8:00 am and goes on till 6:00 pm depending on the schedule of the consultants. OPDs are conducted on all week days except Sunday.

Q. What are the hospital visiting hours for inpatient and ICU patients relatives ?

The visiting hours for relatives and friends of inpatients as well as ICU patients is from 4 pm to 7 pm

Q. What are the Check in and Checkout timings for Admitted patients in the Hospital ?

The Check-in and Check –out timings for Admitted patients in the hospital are 12.00 to 12.00 noon. Patients getting admitted between 08.00am to 12.00 noon will be considered Half day.

Q. Is the hospital pathology/radiology/pharmacy/Blood Bank open 24 hrs?

SMRC V M Salgaocar offers 24 X 7 services in the field of pathology, radiology, pharmacy, Blood Bank and Ambulance Services. Morgue facility is also provided .

Q. Is the hospital equipped with diagnostic & interventional facility?

Yes. Diagnostic facility like CT Scan, ultrasound, Angiographies, Echocardiographies.

MRI facility is outsourced.

Q. Does the Hospital provide the Advance booking facility?

Yes. In case of planned surgeries the hospital does provide advance booking facility at no extra cost.

Q. Does SMRC hospital has isolation room for treating communicable disease?

Yes. SMRC hospital has special room with facility attached to treat communicable diseases in isolation.

Q. What are the inpatient facilities provided by the hospital for the patient & attending relatives ?

The hospital provides toiletries, bed linen, towel & gown for the patient.

Relatives have to make their own arrangement and only one relative is permitted to stay with the patient.

SMRC hospital also provides a waiting lounge facility for relatives of patients admitted in the ICU or the General Wards.

Admitted Patients are provided with food requirements as per the dieticians advise, while the relatives can avail the facility of the in-house Cafeteria.

Q. What are the Registration procedures / Fees in SMRC hospital?

Registration procedure for OPD /IPD services –

You may call the Board line no. 0832-6691919 & reception will provide you all the details like doctors specialities & timings and book an appointment. Any changes in the day and timing will be intimated to the patient by the help desk. The registration fee is Rs. 50/- for new patients . IPD patients register at the First floor Billing counter where Bed/Rooms are assigned as per patients requirement/entitlements.

Q. What are the Modalities of payments in SMRC Hospital ?

We accept payments in Cash/Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/D.D /E.C.S , Demand draft is to be made in favour of ‘Salgaocar Medical Research Centre’ payable at Chicalim Goa. Personal Cheques are not accepted.

Q.Does SMRC Hospital Provide Cashless facility through Insurance companies and TPA’s?

SMRC hospital has corporate tie-ups with the leading Insurance companies and TPA’s . A dedicated team of professionals is available to assist you. Please refer to the link (to be provided) for the details and contact for further assistance.

Q. Does SMRC Hospital Provide wellness /Health check programmes?

SMRC has carefully designed wellness/Health check programme suited for different age groups and gender, as well as Cardiac and Cancer screening packages can be availed .

Hospitalization Terms & Conditions

Every patient would be given one Attendant Pass & one visitor pass. Attendant Pass would entitle One Attendant with the patient for 24 hours during the stay.

    • No personal bedding / linen would be allowed for the patient.
    • Once the patient is transferred from Ward to the ICU, bed in the ward has to be vacated. If a patient/ relative requests for retention of the room and if the bed is available, retention charges would be levied. However if there is a bed shortage for the new admission / transfer-in, bed retention would not be possible and retained bed to be released.
    • Patient has to wear Hospital dress and only after completion of discharge formalities patient can change in his/her own clothes.
    • Food is served from the in-house kitchen. Dietician after assessing the medical condition of each patient gives diet sheet to the in-house kitchen. Every patient is served food as per the recommendations of the Dietician. We would appreciate patients to have in-house food only. However based on dietician / consultant’s recommendation.
    • We request you, not to keep any valuables during your hospitalization. Safety of your valuables / cash / or belonging would entirely be your responsibility.
    • For any grievances / complaints, you can contact the incharge of the respective ward or you can also give your complaints in writing. At the time of discharge your written feedback is taken by the staff Nurse.
    1. Discharge Policy:
    • Once your admitting consultant notifies in the In-patient Record that the patient is physically fit to get a discharge, assigned staff nurse would start the discharge formalities.
    • Medicines, consumables, indented for you but not used and in intact packing, would be returned to the Pharmacy. Pharmacy would verify issue numbers and receipt numbers with their record of those medicines / consumables. After verification, the due amount would be adjusted in your final bill. Please note that open strips, unpacked medicines, or open vials of injections would not be accepted for returns.
    • Nurse would request relatives to go to the Billing counter to complete discharge formalities and clearance of the bill. Deposit amount of the insurance patient will be kept with the hospital; it would be refundable after final settlement from insurance company.
    • Attendant pass has to be returned at the time of the discharge to the respective Nursing Station. Discharge formality could get delayed if the passes are not submitted in time.
    • After completion of the discharge formalities and complete settlement of your bill, Billing clerk would give your final bill with their signature and settlement receipt. Kindly clear your bills on daily basis to avoid delays in discharge.
    • After Settlement process of bills, Ward Clerk / Nurse would hand over File of original Investigation reports and Discharge summary. In case of insurance/corporate patient, duplicate records will be given; original records need to be sent to insurance/corporate company.
    • Please note that in case you wish to shift the patient to other hospital or home on your wish and against the advice of the Admitting Consultant, Discharge against Medical Advice declaration has to be signed by you. Hospital would not be responsible for any consequences thereinafter.

Visiting Hours:

    • Wards: 4 pm to 7 pm.
    • ICU: Entry restricted.
    • Children below 10 years are not allowed in wards.
    • Also talking on phone in loud, playing music, cameras are prohibited in hospital.


For further guidance please contact our helpline number: 0832 6691919 (24X7)