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pathoTHE TOPIC ’Awareness is the CURE to eradicating tuberculosis from our country.’Tuberculosis is a growing burden in the country even though DOTS treatment can ensure complete cure in most cases. Many patients remain undiagnosed as doctors rely on conventional TB diagnosis methods which are often cumbersome and slow. One of the crucial barriers preventing an effective response to the challenges of Multidrug resistant TB (MDR) and extensively drug resistance (XDR TB) has failed to convincingly diagnose active TB in most cases, hence leading to poor patient compliance. With new methods available TB diagnosis can be conclusively established with high sensitivity and specificity within few hours. To spread awareness on new methods in TB diagnosis SMRC’s V.M. Salgaocar hospital organised a Clinical- Pathology meet to make doctors aware of the broader horizon in TB diagnosis on 13th October, Tuesday, 2015 in SMRC Hospital conference hall. Doctors from varied specialities were invited to attend the program to engage in interactive discussion to share their knowledge and experience. The session was chaired by Dr Eugene DSouza M.D. Consultant Pathologist, SMRC. The key speaker for the event was Dr Niranjan Patil, M.D. Microbiology, Consultant Microbiologist at Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. Mumbai and Global Superspeciality hospital. Topic :”New Advances in TB Diagnosis” & “Detecting Antibiotic Susceptibility and beyond” We also had lectures on other interesting topics as follows; Speaker : Dr Sunaina Shet, M.D. Pathology, Consultant Pathologist. Topic: Understanding Thyroid Function Test and Interpreting case scenarios. Speaker : Dr Vinita Torquato, M.D. Pathology -SMRC Lab, Vasco, Goa. Topic: Interesting histopathology cases diagnosed at SMRC- Case Review.


stressStress today in the life of every individual has become an integral part. We all experience stress at one point of our life or the other. Stress is experienced when expectations do not meet with performance. Management of stress in one’s life has a crucial role .If stress is not managed well or nipped in the bud; It may lead to serious consequences in interpersonal relationships at work as well as in personal life..Understanding this need SMRC‘s management conducted a stress management lecture for its employees. Two sessions were planned. Dr. Sourabh Fulmali, MBBS, MD Consultant Physician and experienced in Neuroscience division. The response was good with about 50 employees attending each of the session. Dr. Sourabh Fulmali stress on the practical aspects of the causes of stress and the simple ways by which we can handle a stressful situation with concrete problem solving techniques, which were explained very beautifully.


arpora-campThe camp was organised for the special children requiring specialised services of Ophthalmology and ENT. About 30 patients were screened and consulted by Dr. Dina Vikram, who had problems related to their eyesight. Mukta options were also present for the camp and they were able to provide the details of the refractive errors , and Dr. Dina Vikram prescribed the glasses and medicines for those presented with other pathologies. Dr. Parag Sawant consulting ENT Surgeon screened and consulted 10 patients having issues related to hearing problems and also speech therapy.